Anaiki Motel

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Anaiki Motel - About Us

Anaiki, Niue.

  • The Anaiki motel is managedĀ  to strive to the maximum of sustainability

  • The motel adapts Tuapa village's and Niue Island's Non-smoking campaign; smoking is to be avoided on the entire property, strictly not allowed in rooms or in offense of other guests

  • We preferably selected our chattels of natural materials, and replace those made of non-naturals in the near future.

  • Where is possible we use environment friendly cleaning products

  • We maintain rubbish recycling and encourage our guests to do the same

  • In order to water conservation, we are replacing towels if they are placed on a designated area.

  • We provide local fresh fruits and products in our complimentary breakfast start pack

  • We promote local services in the community