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  • Diving with Niue Dive

Diving in Niue is easy yet rewarding with an interesting mix of diving in caverns, caves, walls and drop-offs, with pristine hard coral  reef. Whether you are a regular visitor to the underwater world or just starting out, diving in Niue will be unforgettable. Barracuda, Sea Kriats, Reef Sharks, Parrotfish,Turtles, Nudibranchs and huge Moray Eels all make regular appearances. Join one of our guided underwater tours and we will show you the magic Niue has to offer.
Single dives, Double dives, Night dives

  • Snorkelling with Niue Dive

Ever wonder what it was like to get in the water with Humpback Whales or a pod of Spinner Dolphins? Niue Dive can take you on the ultimate holiday experience with our in-water interactions. Visit or Trips page for more information.

  • Whale Watching with Niue Dive
  • Boat Charters with Niue Dive

Fishing and Spear fishing

  • Fishaway Charters

State of the art launch with full safety equipment, 4 top quality rods and reels with all baits and lures supplied. No experience required. Come and fish or just to watch.
Niue Charters
Horizon is the largest charter vessel on Niue. A well-appointed 7.5 meter Bladerunner Cat fully rigged for Sport & Game Fishing. A perfect platform for the keen spear fishing enthusiast and it also boasts a purpose built upper viewing deck for the ultimate dolphin and whale watching experience.   Your skipper Paul Pasisi is one of Niue’s most experienced fisherman with over 25 years of fishing in Niue’s marine environment.   Charters are a minimum of 5 hrs and if a charter dosn’t catch a fish – “Dinner is on the skipper”

  • Niue Sprot Fishing Charters

Niue Sport Fishing is the latest addition to Niue Island’s exciting sport fishing charter fleet. The vessel is a well-appointed 659 Stabicraft Supercab, purpose built charter boat, powered by a 4 stroke 150hp Yamaha motor for a smooth ride. The vessel is fully equipped with the latest shimano game rods and reels, and our safe ship management system includes EPIRB, colour GPS and depth sounder electronics, VHF and satellite phone. Your profession skippers Andy and BJ have between them, Maritime NZ ILM and Padi Divemaster qualifications respectfully. Charters are customised to your requirements, all fishing styles covered and top quality lures, poppers, jigs, stick baits and fresh baits included to suit. Our Mission Statement is to provide you with a safe, sustainable and enjoyable fishing experience during your stay in Niue.

  • Nu - One Fishing and Reef Cruises

Test your fishing skills from this 5m alloy boat skippered by a local operator. All fishing gear is provided which makes for a safe and reliable operation. Charters run for 3 hours with a maximum of 3 passengers on board

  • Teresa's Charters

A 4 hour fishing charter for a maximum of 4 passengers on board fishing from an Alloy boat with a 90 HP Johnson motor.

  • Toamana Charters

Targeting wahoo, yellowfin and mahi-mahi, anglers are welcome to take along their favorite tackle however Toamana's 5m alloy vessel is fully equipped to handle most of your fishing needs and experiences catering for a maximum of 3 anglers for a charter of up to 3 hours.

  • Zoe Charters

Brand new 6.05metre Frewza Fisher aluminum pontoon boat. Space on board provides for comfortable line fishing charters up to 4 adult anglers, up to 5 spearo's, or 5-6 whales watchers or scenic excursion enthusiasts. Charter operations currently provided for 2012 season include afternoon charters only for all week days, and full Saturdays. Specializing in evening FAD run's. Operated primarily by a local owner (30+ years fishing and 25 years diving experience).

If you like to bike, there are loads of options for you too, and bikes can be hired. Numerous mountain bike tracks riddle the island and our handy pocket guide will help you discover them.  Cycles are available for hire or bring your own
Caving and Adventure Tours

  • A5 Plantation & Uga Tours

Your local guide will stop and show you through the plantations to view the natural way of growing root crops, explain to you the different varieties and their traditional usage. Introduce you to the indigenous farming techniques & customs. The tour will also bring your attention to interesting flora and fauna and an opportunity to sample some of the produce grown. Baiting and hunting the Uga (Coconut Crab) is also an exciting opportunity and a must do on Niue.

  • Ebony Forest Tours

What better way to acquaint yourself with Niue then by engaging in a eco-friendly tour with a knowledgeable guide who not only shares with you his great affinity with Niue’s rich tropical rainforest and its flora and fauna but also the secrets of Niue’s history and legends. A memorable stopover to Jacks workshop where he works as a carver using the local Ebony wood.

  • Talis Cave Tours

Explore Niue’s natural limestone caverns on a guided tour with Tali’s Cave Tours. These caves are located on traditional family land and are noted for their incredible variety of passageways including the infamous ‘keyhole’, diverse formations and fossils.

  • Herman's Reef Tours

Tracks and Walks

  • Reef Walks

Niue is ringed with a raised reef that at low tide can be safely explored; the clean waters, lack of industry and small human population ensure the coastline is exactly as nature created it, and it’s a fascinating trip.  Guides can be arranged through the visitors information centre. 

  • Anapala (moderate)

Descending 155 steps into a well known chasm and pool of fresh water situated near the track leading from the village of Hakupu to the sea, Anapala was a main source of fresh water for residents of the surrounding village.

  • Avaiki (moderate)

A historical place in Niue as this was where the first canoe landed. It is advisable to visit Avaiki during a low tide as there is an amazing swimming cave to the north of the main cave and perfect for a sunset swim.

  • Limu (easy)

One of the most beautiful swimming and snorkeling areas on the northern coast of the island, the crystal clear waters of Limu hold a wide variety of fish life and caves to explore. The mixture of salt and fresh water flowing out from the island provides a refreshing and unique snorkeling experience. The track to Limu is clearly marked at the northern end of Namukulu Village and has wonderful picnic areas available. A visit to Limu is a must for all visitors to the island.

  • Hio (moderate)

Located just on the outskirt of Tuapa village heading north is a small secluded sandy cove. At low tide a cave to the north of the cove can be accessed. It was here that the Peruvian 'black birder' Irole wrecked in 1877, locals took possession of the liquor that was salvaged from the wreck and poured it into the sea despite the protests of the Captain

  • Matapa Chasm (easy)

Noted for its expansive cliff face and historical importance as a reserved bathing place for Niue's traditional kings, Matapa Chasm is reached by a track which branches off from the main road at the foot of Hikutavake Hill and beside the start of the trek to Talava Arches. Matapa Chasm provides a sheltered snorkeling, swimming place for all.

  • Opaahi (easy)

This was the site Captain Cook's second landing attempts in June 1774. Cook's landing party was challenged by the locals, who retreated after several volleys were fired, and the landing party returned to the ship.

  • Palaha (moderate)

Located south of Tuapa village, along the North West coast of the island, Palaha is notable for its limestone formations in varying shades of green and red. The reef flat is accessible at low tide, with small pools to snorkel in. The rock formations can get quite slippery so do navigate them with caution.

  • Peniamina's Grave (easy)

Located in a small clearing on the left hand side of the road 5km north of Alofi is the burial site of Peniamina, the first Niuean to bring Christianity to the island. In his honour Niue also observes an annual public holiday in October.

  • Talava Arches (moderate to hard)

Branching off to the right of the access track to Matapa Chasm is a clearly marked trek to Talava Arches. Traditionally used as a lookout point to keep watch for impending raids or foreign vessels, Talava is now home to one of Niue's unique land marks – the Arches.

  • Togo (moderate to hard)

Everyone should make at least one trip to Togo which is reached by a track starting about 4km north of Hakupu. After leaving the bush the track descends through a mass of jagged coral pinnacles to a grassy flat, where a passage leads off to the edge of a chasm. At the foot of the chasm there is a beach of fine golden sand from which some coconut trees rise, almost reaching to the rim of the chasm.

  • Tomb Point (easy)

An easy walk next to church in Alofi, opposite the main shopping centre and with a lookout and 180 degree views of the Alofi bay. There are picnic areas nearby and two of Niue's former kings are buried within the grounds of the church.

  • Ulupaka (hard)

Located 800m south of Lakepa village is Ulupaka Cave which appears to have been used as a traditional dwelling place. It's filled with a vast array of limestone formations - great clusters of stalactites and stalagmites, huge pillar formations where they have joined and giant stone curtains draped from the ceiling. This is a guided only trip as the cave is located on private land. For enquiries and tour bookings visit the Visitors Information 

  • Uluvehi (easy)

1846 hailed the arrival of Christianity to the island through Peniamina. In1863 Peruvian Slave traders arrived at Uluvehi and carried away 109 young Niuean men in 3 ships to work in the guano mines of Chile. None ever returned. Uluvehi was also used as a landing site by trading schooners. Today, Uluvehi offers a great view of the ocean and with a coconut stop at the start of the road it's a great way to refresh yourself before continuing on with your journey.

  • Vaila (easy)

The rock pools of Vaila in Alofi North are a snorkeler's delight and is also an access track into the Alofi North Marine Protected Area. The marine protected area is a 'no-take' area however visitors are welcome to use the picnic facilities.
A well maintained 9 hole course is located near the Hanan International Airport.  Visitors are welcome to play at any time and costs are $20 per round and if required club hire is available from Visitors centre for $25. An honesty box system operates everyday other than Saturdays where a weekly tee off time of 1pm for a weekly tournament.   Weekly Tee off times: Saturday 1pm
Yacht Club
Niue Yacht Club  - Down stairs in the Niue Backpackers. 

Niue Yacht Club has just been awarded “The top International Host Station for 2011” by the Seven Seas Cruising Association.  An organization with 10 000 members worldwide. This was achieved by a small group of volunteers who have continued developing services and providing support for cruisers since 1992.